Marine Cargo Surveys

Pandi Costa Rica S.A. is committed to provide the best possible service both as P&I Correspondent and to our local customers whose require any type of maritime and cargo inspections.

No matter if the job should have to be done at Port, bonded warehouse facilities, consignee premises or any other place assigned, the promptness and quality of our service will always be in commitment with the quality and satisfaction of the client..


  • To carry out the inspection according with the established standards and methods.
  • Coordination of the time and place where the inspection will take place.
  • General revisions of cargo and container prior the beginning of inspection.
  • Cargo quantity assessment.
  • Cargo packing revision.
  • Cargo stowage condition.
  • Cargo condition inspection.
  • Photographic report.
  • Preparation of inspection report


  • Cargo damage Inspections
    • Dry cargo
    • Reefer cargo
    • Bulk cargo
  • Pre-shipment inspection (Coffee, fish, scrap, wood,etc)
  • Container inspection (IICL Standards)
  • Preloading / Discharge Condition survey
  • Draft survey
  •  ON/Off Hire
  • Collision and Grounding Incidents
  • Shipboard accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Pollution Incidents investigation and Cleanups.
  • Structural Port Analysis
  • Hull and Machinery Inspection
  • Sampling